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Bitcoin's Economic Layer

What is Mezo?

  • Created by Thesis, who have been building on Bitcoin for a decade

  • Built on tBTC, the largest decentralized Bitcoin bridge in production

  • Bitcoin-first chain designed for:

    • User ownership

    • Reliable bridging with tBTC

    • BTC for gas

    • Dual staking model for rewards and validation

    • EVM compatibility


The Mezo core team boasts over 10 years of experience of building on Bitcoin, including Fold, Keep Network, and tBTC. We understand what users want and know how to build it using Bitcoin.


Deposit BTC, tBTC, and wBTC in the Mezo Portal today

Mint tBTC directly

More info on tBTC

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Check the deposit contract on Etherscan

Track Mezo portal deposits on Dune

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