Deposit Custody

Mezo Deposit Contract: 0xab13b8eecf5aa2460841d75da5d5d861fd5b8a39

All deposits in Mezo are held in a locking contract that holds funds until they can be bridged at Mezo mainnet launch. The locking contract is upgradeable by the 5-of-9 multisig run by the Mezo team. These upgrades will allow additional collateral to be included in the future, as well as enabling bridging at launch. The funds are not retained by the multisig.

BTC deposits are bridged using tBTC before being deposited in the locking contract.

The locking contract holds wBTC or tBTC (whichever was deposited) and will enable withdrawal of the original deposited currency (including BTC for BTC deposits) when deposits unlock.

You can find info on tBTC bridging and its custody model here.

Bitcoin Backed Stables

Deposits in USDe, crvUSD, and thUSD are deployed from the Mezo Portal contract to various yield-generating strategies in DeFi. The Mezo treasury retains the yield. Because of that, users earn HODL Score bonuses up to 100% of their BTC deposits.

BTC deposits are never moved from the Mezo Portal contract; this is unique to USDe, crvUSD, and thUSD.

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