BTC Score Boost

Stablecoin deposits boost BTC scores.

The BTC score boost is only available for accounts that have deposited tBTC or wBTC.

Boost Mechanics

Because thUSD, crvUSD, USDe, USDT, and USDC are used for farming in DeFi, your BTC deposits will be boosted.

The boost is equivalent to your daily score from the BTC-backed stables.

The "up to 100%" cap means that the bonus applied to your BTC score from stable deposits cannot exceed 16,000, as in the image above.

Your boost and cap can be from one stable deposit or a combination of all three.

Viewing Your Boost

In the "My HODL Score" section of the Mezo Portal, you will see your deposits at the bottom of the page.

The BTC deposit shows the 12,321 daily score boost from the BTC-backed stable deposits. As long as the stables are locked in Mezo, they will boost your BTC deposits.

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