Calculations and Example

Below are calculations for stablecoin deposits: USDe, crvUSD, thUSD, USDT, and USDC

Base Score

Points on stables are fixed. Every 1,000 units of stablecoins earn 12.5 base points per day.

Lock-Up Multiplier

Longer lock-up periods give a HODL score multiplier (just like BTC deposits):

Lock-up period (months)Multiplier







Example: crvUSD

Let's calculate Alice's daily score from her stablecoin and BTC deposits. Assume Alice deposits 2 BTC and $20,000 crvUSD into Mezo.

Stablecoin Calculation

  • Every 1,000 units of crvUSD earn a base score of 12.5 pts/day

  • crvUSD deposited: $20,000

  • Daily score from crvUSD: 20 x 12.5 x 16x multiplier = 4,000

BTC Calculation

  • Each BTC earns a base score of 1,000 pts/day

  • BTC deposited: 2 BTC

  • Daily score from BTC: 1,000 x 2 BTC x 16x multiplier = 32,000

Total Calculation

  • BTC-backed stable boosts daily BTC by up to 100% of BTC score.

  • Alice will earn an additional 4,000 on her BTC score, bringing her daily score to 36,000.

Final Daily Score: 32,000 from BTC + 4,000 from BTC boost + 4,000 from stables = 40,000

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