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What happens to my BTC after I deposit?

Once you deposit your Bitcoin to Mezo (whether BTC, tBTC, or wBTC) it is securely held in a locking contract. We do not touch any of the funds. Once your Bitcoin is unlocked, you will receive 100% of your deposit back, minus the fees incurred for depositing.

You can verify funds in the contract on Etherscan.

What happens to my BTC upon unlock?

At your unlock date, all the Bitcoin you put in (whether tBTC, wBTC, or BTC) will be under the control of the account you used to log in.

If you used our "Deposit BTC from any address" feature to deposit from an exchange, your BTC will not be returned to the exchange. Instead, it will become available for you to move however you want, using the wallet you logged in with.

Is there a minimum deposit requirement?

There is a minimum of .01 BTC deposits from the Bitcoin Network. For ERC-20 deposits (tBTC and wBTC) there is no minimum.

If I lock my BTC and Mezo launches before my lock date expires, can I use my assets on Mezo?

If you max lock your Bitcoin for 9 months, and Mezo launches in 7 months, your BTC will be available for bridging to Mezo.

Do you get a higher score for depositing tBTC or wBTC?

All forms of Bitcoin deposits generate the same score: 1,000 points per BTC per day.

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