Invite Bonus

Invite your friends to Mezo and earn a bonus based on their HODL Scores. Direct Invites = Children. Your Children's Invites = Grandchildren

Invite Bonus

HODL Scores are boosted through invites, both for your children and your grandchildren.

Invitees: Earn a 21% bonus from your children's scores and a 9% bonus from your grandchildren's scores.

For example, if your five children have a score of 1,000,000, you will receive a 210,000 bonus to your HODL Score.

Invite Program

Invite codes are scarce. As an early depositor to Mezo, you will receive 5 codes to distribute. There are no guarantees that future codes will be distributed. Since you earn a bonus based on your family's deposits on Mezo, we recommend strategically selecting who you invite.

Launch Codes: A limited number of single-use invite codes will be distributed at launch. Each user receives 5 codes.

Invite Impact: Invites influence your score. Codes are capped and, once used, cannot be reused.

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